Gas Fired Water heater

Gas Fired Water heater

Gas Fired Water heater


Quick hot water supply

  • With advanced design get high heat transfer rate which provides you hot water in just few minutes.

 Superior Quality Insulation

  • Milcent's gas fired water heater is provided with superior quality glass wood insulation. This helps in keeping water warm for 8 to 10 hours.

Chrome Plated Highly Efficient Burner

  • Milcent’s gas fired water heater imported chrome plated highly efficient sandwich burner, which provides uniform & efficient flame at low cost of fuel.

Auto start and Auto stop

  • With auto start & Auto stop feature, main burner is ignited immediately. once water temperature falls below preset level of temperature and shuts off as soon as the desired temperature is reached.

Advanced safety Gas cut - off feature

  • Gas supply is cut off immediately if the pilot flame is extinguished either by operator or by accident.

Built in pressure Regulator

  • Milcent’s Gas fired water heater comes with built in gas pressure regulator which ensures uniform gas flow under all conditions.

High Temperature Resistant Inner Coating

  • High temperature resistent inner coating ensures coating lasts for years which presents corrosion & gives heater longer operational life.

Available in Various capacity

  • As per your requirement you can opt from optimum size from 50 liter to 1000 liter capacity.

Available in various gas

  • As per your requirement you can opt from LPG/PNG models.

Stringent stages of RO 5
7 Stages
8 Stages
Pre - Filter removes large visible impurities with ease
Magnetizer magnetizes water, which human body cells can absorb easily as compared to regular drinking water
Sediment Filter removes sand, dirt, rust & other sediments and also saves membrane & pre carbon filter from clogging
Activated Carbon removes colour, odour, chlorine, bleaching liquid & harmful organic compounds
High Quality Membrane with pores of 0.0001 micron reduces dissolved impurities, bacteria, virus etc. and makes water safe for drinking
Post Carbon reduces the bad taste and restores water hygiene
Nano Silver Carbon removes bad taste, fluoride etc. and restores natural taste of water
Mineralizing makes the water hygienic
U.V. deactivates living organisms (Bacteria)

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