Insect Killer

Insect Killer

Insect Killer


Super Silent Operation

  • Milcent’s Insect  Killer comes with super quiet fan which minimize the noise to lowest possible level. Two silent fans have high suction capacity which pull the Insect in & kill them.

UV Lamp

  • UV Lamp helps deactivating all harm full bacteria's in air.

Light weight Compact & Portable Design

  • Unique light weight and portable design makes it easy to transfer this Insect killer from one place to another & due to its compact design it easily fits in any corner of your room.

Fresh Air Environment

  • Now, with use of Insect killer no need to spray any chemical in air to kill  Insect. So you get fresh air environment which is also Insect free.

Energy efficient

  • Low power consumption during operation makes Insect killer operates on almost negligible running cost.

Stringent stages of RO 5
7 Stages
8 Stages
Pre - Filter removes large visible impurities with ease
Magnetizer magnetizes water, which human body cells can absorb easily as compared to regular drinking water
Sediment Filter removes sand, dirt, rust & other sediments and also saves membrane & pre carbon filter from clogging
Activated Carbon removes colour, odour, chlorine, bleaching liquid & harmful organic compounds
High Quality Membrane with pores of 0.0001 micron reduces dissolved impurities, bacteria, virus etc. and makes water safe for drinking
Post Carbon reduces the bad taste and restores water hygiene
Nano Silver Carbon removes bad taste, fluoride etc. and restores natural taste of water
Mineralizing makes the water hygienic
U.V. deactivates living organisms (Bacteria)
Length*Width*Height: 645mm*115mm* 380mm
Power Consumption: 65 W
Net weight: 4.4 kg
Gross weight: 4.7 kg
Covering Area: 100m²
Tube: 3 x 20 W

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