Toaster : 2 slice long slot

Toaster : 2 slice long slot

Toaster : 2 slice long slot


Compact design

  • The elegant design suits your Kitchen interiors. Compact design toaster gets accommodated on your counter stop easily.

Adjustable browning control

  • With adjustable heating control, roast the bread as per your mood. So the toast is as crispy as you want.

Cancel / Reject button / Lever

  • With cancel/reject lever, the bread can be ejected at any intermediate state of cooking.

Large size bread slots

  • 2 large size long slots easily accommodate even larger size breads as per your requirements.

Stringent stages of RO 5
7 Stages
8 Stages
Pre - Filter removes large visible impurities with ease
Magnetizer magnetizes water, which human body cells can absorb easily as compared to regular drinking water
Sediment Filter removes sand, dirt, rust & other sediments and also saves membrane & pre carbon filter from clogging
Activated Carbon removes colour, odour, chlorine, bleaching liquid & harmful organic compounds
High Quality Membrane with pores of 0.0001 micron reduces dissolved impurities, bacteria, virus etc. and makes water safe for drinking
Post Carbon reduces the bad taste and restores water hygiene
Nano Silver Carbon removes bad taste, fluoride etc. and restores natural taste of water
Mineralizing makes the water hygienic
U.V. deactivates living organisms (Bacteria)
Width: 417(L) x 154(W) x 214(H)mm
Gross Weight: 1.63 kg
Power Consuption: 220V ~ 50Hz, 750 Watts
Slot Size: 260L x 36W mm

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