Microwave Oven

Microwave Oven

Microwave Oven


Powerful Convection

  • Evenly placed single peace powerful convection heater enables heat to penetrate in food more deeply & evenly so you get properly cooked food with delicious taste.

Stainless steel cavity

  • Stainless steel cavity inside the chamber enables better reflection of micro waves which ensures uniform heating of food in oven. It gives better operational functions over a life span as compared to coated cavity where chances of damage of coating are always present.

LED Display

  • Specially designed LED display gives the oven a classy appeal.

Combination cooking & multistage cooking

  • With combination cooking you can take simultaneously cooking advantage of microwave cooking & convection cooking in various mode likes convection, grill , solo, combination mode.

Keeps food warm & fresh

  • With this feature, low level microwaves keeps food temperature at constant level without over cooking it. So now leave your prepared food in oven without worrying about of its getting cold.

Weight defrost & speed defrost

  • With weight defrost, just enter the weight of the frozen food you want to defrost and at the end of process get the food ready to eat. With speed defrost the frozen food is defrosted using microwave power. Just enter the time to defrost and get food ready at the end of process.

Quick Start

  • With Quick start - option, start instant microwave mode with default time of 30 seconds.

Child Lock

  • Child lock feature prevent your child from changing your preset temperature or any other setting. With child lock., lock all other buttons of oven.

Auto cook menu

  • With auto-cook menu option just prepare ingredients of your recipes & select relevant auto cook option to prepare your favourite dish.

Push to open mechanism

  • Now, with push to open switch, open the door easily with just one push to switch.

Cooking complete alarm

  • Get an notification alarm at the end of cooking process, so you don't have to stand in front of oven while cooking is going on.

Stringent stages of RO 5
7 Stages
8 Stages
Pre - Filter removes large visible impurities with ease
Magnetizer magnetizes water, which human body cells can absorb easily as compared to regular drinking water
Sediment Filter removes sand, dirt, rust & other sediments and also saves membrane & pre carbon filter from clogging
Activated Carbon removes colour, odour, chlorine, bleaching liquid & harmful organic compounds
High Quality Membrane with pores of 0.0001 micron reduces dissolved impurities, bacteria, virus etc. and makes water safe for drinking
Post Carbon reduces the bad taste and restores water hygiene
Nano Silver Carbon removes bad taste, fluoride etc. and restores natural taste of water
Mineralizing makes the water hygienic
U.V. deactivates living organisms (Bacteria)

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