RO (5 Stages)

RO (5 Stages)

RO (5 Stages)


Aesthetic Body design with detachable tank

  • Milcent water purifier looks pleasant with aesthetic body design.Transparent & detachable tank ensures easy cleaning.

Fully Automatic water purifier with auto start & auto stop

  • Milcent’s Water purifier starts automatically when water level falls below maximum limit and stops when there is no inlet water supply or when the tank is full.

Food Grade plastic body

  • Food graded plastic ensures no chemical gets leeched in water.

Advanced RO membrane

  • Advanced RO membrane gives long life & is less failure prone. It removes bacteria, virus & other impurities from water effectively.

Stringent stages of RO 5
7 Stages
8 Stages
Pre - Filter removes large visible impurities with ease
Magnetizer magnetizes water, which human body cells can absorb easily as compared to regular drinking water
Sediment Filter removes sand, dirt, rust & other sediments and also saves membrane & pre carbon filter from clogging
Activated Carbon removes colour, odour, chlorine, bleaching liquid & harmful organic compounds
High Quality Membrane with pores of 0.0001 micron reduces dissolved impurities, bacteria, virus etc. and makes water safe for drinking
Post Carbon reduces the bad taste and restores water hygiene
Nano Silver Carbon removes bad taste, fluoride etc. and restores natural taste of water
Mineralizing makes the water hygienic
U.V. deactivates living organisms (Bacteria)
Weight: 10 Kg.
Dimension: 300x260x420mm (WDH)
Storage Tank Capacity: 8 Ltr.
Production Capacity: 10-15 Ltr./Hr.
Power Rating: 30 Watts
% Reduction in TDS: 92 Approx.
Voltage: 220 V. AC 50 Hz
Max. Duty Cycle: 80 Ltr./day
Filter Cartridges: Pre-filter, Sediment Filter, Activated Carbon, RO Membrane, Post Carbon

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